Our Residential and Day Citizens work in our Brookwood Enterprises; these include Horticulture, Ceramics, Stone Casting, Packaging, Specialty Shop, Soap Making, Shipping and Receiving, Café, and Retail. Transportation is provided for those who do not live at Brookwood and come from Houston and the surrounding areas. The abilities, interests, and the unique gifts of each Citizen are considered when determining the best Enterprise for them to genuinely contribute and find purpose in life.


Citizens in Ceramics take a block of clay and turn it into amazing products. They are responsible for painting, glazing, or staining a variety of products, such as ornaments, plates, cups and platters, using stencils, sponges, or free-hand style. After each piece is painted, it is dipped in glaze and fired overnight in a kiln. Upon completion, the Citizens tag and price each piece.

Citizens in Stone Casting mix and pour tuff-stone mixture into the molds. Each piece takes about 15-30 minutes to set. The Citizens then remove the pieces from the molds and place them in the sanding area to be sanded. Once sanded, they are placed in the drying room. When the piece is dry, it is ready to be stained, painted, or glazed.

Citizens receive creative support to learn skills in our Specialty Shop whose motto is “Believe to Achieve”. This program focuses on skills that will build skills toward work in a variety of enterprises.

The Finishing Shop is an extension of the Ceramics Shop. Citizens in this shop cut and string ribbon, apply embellishments, and attach Brookwood labels and price tags to complete the final stages of production prior to sending products to the shipping warehouse.

Citizens in this shop label and package our salad dressing, food items, dog treats, and other special products that are sold in our store.  They are an important part of packaging our custom-made corporate gifts.

Citizens mix, pour, label, package, and price the beautiful Brookwood Bubbles line self-care products. Citizens produce a creative collection of spa products, including bath salts, lotions, shower steamers, shower gel, hand-poured candles, and more!

Our unique cards are created through varied techniques:

In our Screen-Printing shop, Citizens, with the support of our Community Member (staff) design experts, design variety of cards. These cards are hand-printed in the shop, then folded and packaged by Citizens.

Also, under the guidance of our Community Member artists, Citizen’s design and paint a variety of cards. The cards are printed, then folded and packaged by Citizens.

Citizens use a vast range of design techniques and mediums to create beautiful custom gifts and marketing items tailored to customers’ special event and corporate function needs.

Horticulture Enterprise

The Citizens in Horticulture grow approximately 210,000 plants a year including 48,000 poinsettias in 48 greenhouses.

Citizens in the Propagation Shop (“Prop Shop”) propagate around 70% of the plants grown.  The Citizens take different types of cuttings from existing plants and plant them into cell trays, where they will grow roots and later become full-sized plants.

Citizens in the Plant Shop fill the pots with soil, plant a variety of plugs, water, and tag them with a barcode before the Movers Crew takes them to a greenhouse.

Movers Crew is a “mobile shop.”  The Citizens transport plants from one of our 48 greenhouses to another.  This transport may involve carrying pots and flats of pots, loading and unloading flatbed trailers, or lining up and tubing plants.  In addition, the Movers also cut back plants, fill pots, and contribute to the overall success of the Horticulture Enterprise.

Citizens in Project Green might require more individualized attention.  Project Green provides an environment for Citizens to learn the basic skills needed to be a contributing member of the Horticulture team.  With support, Citizens are able to propagate, plant plugs, water pots, move plants and contribute to the overall beauty of the plants at Brookwood.


Our most well-known enterprise is the Brookwood Café, known for its quality and customer service. Our Citizens take great pride in being part of a team that sets the tables, serves as host or hostess, takes drink orders, and assists in serving guests.


Citizens assist the sales team as retail associates in greeting customers, wrapping packages, and helping customers find sought-after items.


Citizens who work in the warehouse receive the finished products from the studios and place them in the appropriate area. When items are received from outside vendors, Citizens assist in pricing the items.

Additional Work Program Locations



Citizens from the Fort Bend and surrounding area may choose to work at our Day Program located in the Gallery Furniture store at Grand Parkway.

North Houston/The Woodlands

North Houston/The Woodlands

Citizens from north Houston and The Woodlands may
choose to work at our Day Program located at
The Woodlands Methodist Church.