The Stephen C. Beasley Center for Learning (CFL) provides opportunities for organizations and individuals to learn about The Brookwood Way®


The Center for Learning offers those who are led to serve resources with a unique approach that awakens meaning and purpose in the lives of adults with disabilities.


The Brookwood Way ® Conference
Next Conference — Spring 2024

Take a deep dive by experiencing an in-depth comprehensive tour with behind-the-scenes observation of Brookwood’s programs. You will also have an opportunity to attend seminars on Residential, Work Program, Admissions, Retail Enterprises, Fundraising, Human Resources, and more. Additionally, we will have opportunities to network, idea-exchange, share information, and foster inspirational fellowship with regional, national, and international peers. We appreciate your interest. Together we can make a difference.


Your sponsorship makes it possible to offer scholarships to future and current CFL Conference attendees. In this way, you are participating in the continual improvement of how individuals with disabilities can be better served, as participants devote the time to learning from presenters and each other and then implement improvements in their communities.

Sponsorships also provide high visibility and networking opportunities
for your brand/ministry to a nation-wide audience.

If you would like to become a sponsor or know of corporations, organizations, or individuals who may be interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact cfl@brookwoodcommunity.org, or call 281-375-2100.


In addition to our full day conferences, Brookwood offers a variety of other Learning Opportunities both on-line and at our main campus. 

These sessions are held during the lunch hour in our café and feature a guest speaker with topics including Neuro-diversity, Spirituality, Autism, Fund-Raising, Aging in Place, Finding Purpose and many more
These virtual conferences can be ½ day or longer covering a variety of topics and speakers.


Brookwood offers internships for qualifying candidates from a multitude of schools, colleges, and universities.


The Internship Program at Brookwood begins with an interview with the individual wishing to contribute their time with a deep desire to learn more about The Brookwood Way®. Our program includes students and faculty members from a variety of colleges, universities, post-graduate institutions or people simply wanting to learn more about our unique approach of celebrating adults with disabilities.

Backgrounds and interests include individuals desiring experience in the field of medical, dental, nursing, social work, psychology, education, special education, occupational therapy, physical therapy, theology, fitness, recreation, business operations, marketing, retail, café, or horticulture. 

We welcome any interested individuals who are willing to serve and want to learn more to email:

interns@brookwoodcommunity.org or apply today.

Fill out my online form.

Thank You Cinco Ranch Rotary Club

Brookwood would like to thank the Cinco Ranch Rotary Club for their grant that supports our many Center for Learning training and outreach ministries, including The Brookwood Way Conference. These training and outreach opportunities have a far-reaching impact, extending beyond Brookwood’s campus in Brookshire.