Christine Thompson – Ray Daugbjerg Team

START YOUR ENGINES for Brookwood’s 2018 Golf Benefit and help us reach the $1 million goal.

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We are Christine’s family.  Each of you are also part of her family, supporting Brookwood year after year.  Those years of this being a “Marathon,” have worn me down, so Christine now has her brother playing for her for 14 consecutive years.  Trey’s participation is a testament to the complete family involvement needed to support Brookwood.  Each resident requires a family team for companionship, esteem, conversation, compassion and love.  Family and Friends, a Christine Community.
Daily with open eyes and ears open we see much concern in every corner of the world.  Worry, despair, fright and age does not help, only intensifies.  Brookwood residents help us place all those concerns in a basket and allow God’s light to shine in.  Peace, hope, grace forgiveness, trust and faith.
Still today, well over 95% of the donations go to Brookwood’s operating budget.  If you have donated for years or today is for the first time, thank you.
Thank you!
Team Christine

Through the Grace of God, The Brookwood Community provides an educational environment that creates meaningful jobs, builds a sense of belonging and awakens real purpose for adults with disabilities.