Bob Smith

START YOUR ENGINES for Brookwood’s 2018 Golf Benefit and help us reach the $1 million goal!

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This will be my 11th year to play in the Brookwood Golf Benefit, raising support for this AMAZING mission serving adults with special needs. I say it is “AMAZING” because Brookwood is like a little town where 100% of its citizens—regardless of their disabilities—have meaningful jobs and are contributing members of society. It is also “AMAZING” because Brookwood has never taken government funding—instead, their expenses are underwritten by revenues from the citizens’ enterprises, tuition fees, and donations from the private sector…which includes proceeds from the annual Golf Benefit. Now, more than ever, Brookwood needs our support. In addition to keeping the program going and growing strong, they have plans to serve more citizens in the future. Every donation to my Team counts toward that ambitious goal and helps Brookwood’s AMAZING progress continue.

Through the Grace of God, The Brookwood Community provides an educational environment that creates meaningful jobs, builds a sense of belonging and awakens real purpose for adults with disabilities.