Aaron Laughead’s Team

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Dear Friends of Aaron:

When  you meet our son Aaron, in less than five minutes, you’ll know that he has a job at Brookwood working in ceramics and the cement shop.  He’s proud of his work, of having friends, and of his ability to drive a golf cart with his dad at Brookwood’s annual fund raising event, The Brookwood Golf Benefit which is coming up in November. Thanks to Brookwood’s Day Program,  Aaron has a sense of purpose, and in the future he will have a full time home here.  Brookwood is a unique work and residential program for adults with mental and physical disabilities. Aaron is now in his third year working as a productive adult in a safe and caring environment.   For Christi and me, it has also been an answer to prayer about his long term care. Brookwood is a non-profit residential community in Brookshire, Texas, and it does not accept government funding.  Private fund raising is important, so we are writing to ask for your support for special needs adults who are known as Citizens at Brookwood. Of course,  contributions are tax deductible.  I wish each of you could see how these Citizens with a variety and depth of challenges develop a sense of purpose and dignity as they work in the shops, along with Aaron, or the green houses known for growing 50,000 poinsettias each fall, or  the popular Brookwood Cafe.  I also wish you could sense the sweet spirit each of these Citizens has, and how they are matched by a staff that we suspect are really angels in disguise. Would you please join us as we support this community and the 200 plus Citizens who count on Brookwood as their place to live and work.

Through the Grace of God, The Brookwood Community provides an educational environment that creates meaningful jobs, builds a sense of belonging and awakens real purpose for adults with disabilities.