Providing Spiritual, Educational & Vocational Opportunities for Adults with Special Needs

Staying Home for Brookwood No-Go Gala Donor List

Susan and Fayez Sarofim The Whalley Foundation

Cuenod Families Nabors Industries
The Ellwood Foundation Petrello Family Foundation
The Fisk Family Tracy and Barry Schneider
Judy and Marc Herzstein Texas Children's Hospital
The Hildebrand Foundation Stephanie and Brad Tucker and Family
Carolyn and Dale Hortenstine Libby and Dan Vincent
Carol and Michael Linn

Mike Hall Melinda and Sam Stubbs
H-E-B W. Hugh Phillips
Cornelia Cullen Long Gary Rosenthal
Stephanie and Jean Malo / Nancy and Earle Martin, Jr. Kelli and John Weinzierl

Amegy Bank Family The Lindley Family Foundation
Ellen and Hank Bachmann The McGovern Foundation
Irene and Brian Binash Anna and Scott McLean
Linda and Sam Bradshaw Monroe Vos Consulting Inc.
Tricia and Ed Britt Bobbie Nau
Jere Lynn and Jim Burkhart Petersen Family Foundation
Cathy and Buck Cire / Louise and Mike Conway / Jolyn and Marc Greer / Jim and Jeannie Janke / Christiana and Luke McConn Cindy and Don Poarch
Whitney and Jim Crane Servant Ministries Foundation
Jenny Elkins Aimee and Wynne Snoots
Energy Transfer Partners Stephanie and Frank Tsuru
Honorable and Mrs. John Engler Janet and Tom Walker
Laura Menefee and Paula Johnson Paula and Rusty Walter
Christi Myers and Russell Laughead Meg and Dick Weekley

Denise and Philip Bahr Madison Charitable Foundation
Bonner and George Ball The Marek Family
Debbie and Bill Bankston Molly and Sam McBirney
Sylvia Barnes and James Trimble Trini Mendenhall
Barbara and Larry Bellatti Methodist Hospital System
Collier and Richard Blades Mission Constructors, Inc. / Don Woo
Rosanna and Myron Blalock Lynn and Dan Moody
Ann and John Bookout William Restrepo
Elizabeth and Trent Carlyle Chris and Dick Rogoff
Cathy and Joe Cleary Prissy and Leonard Roth
Debra Cody-Holland Joan and John Scales
Molly and James Crownover Nancy and Bud Simpson
Molly and Ken Delery Shirley and Albert Skalovsky
Sabrina and Rich DiMichele Cindy and Randy Smith
The Engraved Pencil Foundation Shirley and Bruce Stein Family
Susie and Don Evans Debra and Steven Sukin
Judith Z. Feigin and Colin Faulkner Virginia and Walter Tomlinson / Statesman Business Advisors
Susan and Bill Finnegan Cynthia and Fisher Trigg
Deborah and Francis Foret Barbara and Arv Vilutis
Windi and David Grimes Elizabeth and Peter Wareing
Michael C. Hutchins / Michael R. Mair Teresa and Dave Washko
Risé and Malcolm Johns Julie and Chris Whitten
Carol and Bill Lawler Cindy and John Zuilhof

Dorothy and Mickey Ables Mary and Mark Schroeder
Joan and Stanford Alexander Lisa and Jerry Simon
Patsy and Malcolm Bailey Don Sinclair
Pam and Wesley Bradford Anne and Steve Stephens
Patsy and Michael Brady Leigh and Jim Tomforde
Kay and Howard House Kim and Dan Tutcher
Houston Trust Company Vinson & Elkins LLP
Margaret Kostial Gemi and Wayne Voss
Liedtke Family Foundation Sue and Joe Warren
Linda and David McKechnie Stuart and Gaye Lynn Zarrow
Karen and Bobbitt Noel Greta and Chuck Zimmerman
Statira Overstreet

Kristi and Kenneth Breaux Charles Nettles
Sue Smith and Craig Brown Nancy and Paul Pressler
Sheryl Brown Prewett, Read & Associates
Judy and Albert Butler Terry and Scott Ragland
Julie and Stephen Chen Rebecca Ray
Lesha and Tom Elsenbrook Linda and Jerry Rubenstein
Frances Fondren Rosemary and Matt Schatzman
Ellen and Tom Ford Shan's Pour La Maison Inc.
Alice and Randy Helms Barbara and Joe Sheldon
Belinda and Corky Hillhouse Vivian and Neal Shudde
Carrie Horne Carlo Chiocchio and James Smith
Robert Jamail Lynn and Michael Smith
Ana and Will Kopf Victoria Smith
Lally & Co. Shauna and Gregg Steffen
Walter Light Elizabeth and Alan Stein
Lynn and Eric Linn Yvonne and David Streit
Dorothy and Joe McLemore Martha Tucker
Denise Monteleone Suzie and Larry Wilson

Willie Alexander Marty and Steven Herzog
Lilly and Thurmon Andress Anna and Curt Krippner
Susan Baker Rosalyn and Barry Margolis
Linda Braswell Susan and Douglas McClung
Laura and Ned Davenport Nancy and Lamar McKay
Carol and Brad Deason Sandy and Randy Rainey
Way and Thomas Denkler Shelley Reeves
Kelli and Martin Fein Denise and Pat Seale
Lou and Robert Fletcher Karen and Charles Stall
Ellie and Michael Francisco Carol and Charles Thornburg
Nancy and Jim Gordon Hallie Vanderhider
Dianne Baker-Hale Mary Whaling
Susan and Kurt Hanson Margaret Alkek Williams
Heroes Delivery & Moving Scott Wulfe

Karen Beaman Martha Keller
Roberta Birtchet Sarah and Mark Kelly
Bonnie and Gary Blumberg Susan Kelly
Teresa Breaux Erin and Travis Land
Julie and David Brown LaDeanne and Bob Larson
Margaret Buckley Daniel Marklin
Joan Bynum Kathy and Garey Marks
Patricia Calvo Mary and Dan McCulloch
Debbie and Charlie Chambers Judith McCullough
Caroline Champion Patricia McCulloch
Karen and Richard Cross Catherine McDonnell
Anna and John Dean Kirk Medina
Marilyn Douget Carolina Mikel
Jeannette Duncan Angela and Carlo Minotti
Marcy and Robert Duncan Ramsay Elder Marcy Murphy
Daniel Encell Lucinda Musemeche
Heather Enright Mike Ornee
Bonnie Fairbanks Dorothy and Malcolm Paterson
Lori Ferrari Jan and Thomas Patterson
Pat Flippen Anniamae Peters
Jeany and Tom Franz Doug Pirnie
Rhonda and Seth Freedman Karen and Al Pollard
Alex Galbraith Ann Prados
Jacqueline Gazzola Margarita Ramirez
Nancy Jo Gex Sebastian Raymaker
Ruth Giampietro Richard Scamell
Dan Gibson Darleen Schauer
Vanessa Gilmore Audrey and Dean Schmidt
Andrea Gomes de Souza Pat and Michael Shaw
Gayle Gorby Martha Ann and Byron Snyder
Angie Guiberteau Mary Ann and Bubba Spell
Holly Ham Dea Larson and Al Thomas
Georgia and Rick Harmon Mimi and Leon Toubin
Julie and Victor Harris Lisa and Craig Walker
Rhozine Hart Pamela A. Wallace
Ai-Lee and Adam Hartman Frances and Robert Watson
Katy and Clyde Hays Tara Weatherwax
Susan and Alan Hirshman Penny Whited
Patricia and Richard Hoban Bari Whittington
Linda and Wayne Huffaker Geri and Andrew Wilde
Diana and Johnny Hunt Susan and Bryan Williamson
Yolanda and Bill Ingram Cyvia Wolff
Alice and Jim Jones Monica G. Wolffer
Stella and Chip Keddie Carrie and Ronald Woliver
Keil’s Antiques Kim and Richard Yeh