Providing Spiritual, Educational & Vocational Opportunities for Adults with Special Needs

Spiritual Life


We Practice Agape Love

We include a spiritual learning component in nearly all of our activities for the citizens. Visitors notice that we have an “empty” chair wherever we gather as a group. We refer to it as “God’s Chair.” This is a visible reminder to our staff and citizens that God is very real, always present and that we are never alone. The citizens participate and often lead prayers before meals and meetings and many attend a weekly Bible Study (either on-campus or at Houston area churches).

On the weekends, groups of citizens will visit different congregations throughout Houston. A part of this worship time involves giving offerings, which helps them understand the importance of stewardship and generosity. On Sunday afternoons the citizens host a weekly worship service in our Chapel. Local congregations are invited to help lead and participate in these services as well.