Providing Spiritual, Educational & Vocational Opportunities for Adults with Special Needs

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Brookwood Homes

Home teachers in our eight residential group homes and the Isla Carroll Inn promote the citizens’ sense of “supervised independence” and self-esteem. Direct Support Professionals help the Home Teachers manage all aspects of citizen life in the community.

Most of the group homes accommodate 10-12 citizens while the Isla Carroll Inn, a dormitory style residence,cares for up to 34 citizens. Many new residents have limited living skills upon arrival. Our home teachers foster a wholesome living environment and teach residents to help and share with one another, maintain a schedule of daily chores, select clothes and dress themselves, plan the day’s activities, and if appropriate, manage personal finances. Development of hobbies and recreational activities is also encouraged. The residential program currently serves 110 adults.

Each resident brings their own furniture, personal belongings, family photos, favorite books, music, movies, and curtains to decorate their bedrooms. These group homes become home for our citizens. Home teachers serve as counselors, teachers, and friends providing the residents a sense of supervised independence, self-esteem, and promote a wholesome living environment.

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