Providing Spiritual, Educational & Vocational Opportunities for Adults with Special Needs

Handcraft Workshops


Card Designs

Brookwood cards are designed by a team of citizens and staff. Designs are sent to an outside printer after the first initial design is created. Cards are then returned to us for quality control and packaging. New cards are designed each year.

Stone-Cast Shop

The task of creating a Brookwood stone-cast item involves several steps. Each citizen is taught one or more of the steps. Every step must be completed to finish the piece so every citizens skill is important.

The process begins with Brookwood’s Production Team designing our stone-cast pieces and an artist creating a “master” piece from clay. Latex and fiberglass molds are then made with citizens taking over the process from here. With supervision, they mix and pour Tuff-stone mix and plaster into the molds. Each piece takes roughly fifteen to thirty minutes to set. For finishing touches it goes to our special paint department where citizens artisans complete the productions process.

Candle Production

Brookwood has a variety of different candle scents currently in production. A feasibility study is still in progress to learn how the citizens can be integrated more fully into this enterprise. Both the Stone-Cast and Ceramics shops make beautiful containers that are used for some of the poured candles.

Ceramics Shop

The Ceramics Shop team consists of staff, volunteers, and citizens. An on-staff ceramicist tests the colors and and also designs the stencil when necessary. In ceramics, as in all of our shops, each job is broken into steps. Each product is cut out of clay, dried and wet sanded, painted, glazed, and fired in one of our twelve kilns. Once this process is complete each piece is tagged and priced ready-to-sell to the public in one of our Brookwood stores, online, or in other retail venues.