Providing Spiritual, Educational & Vocational Opportunities for Adults with Special Needs

Citizen Admissions

Admissions Process

There are several important steps in the Brookwood Application Process. These steps have been listed to help guide you in your understanding of the procedure for placement in the Brookwood Programs:



Please inquire by phone to The Brookwood Community. We will be glad to provide information or answer your questions regarding our programs and, in general, try to give you an idea of the type of individual who may benefit from our programs.

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Take the Tour

Brookwood Tour

If you feel the applicant’s needs are within range, of our staff expertise, we will ask you to attend a Brookwood tour which is scheduled regularly each month. Please call the office for the time and dates of upcoming tours.

These tours are invaluable and will give you a first-hand view of our enterprises. On this tour you will also gain insight into the Brookwood organization, our history, expectations, and future plans.


The Application

If you determine Brookwood has the program to fit your needs then please fill out an admissions application and include a $50.00 non-refundable application fee.

The Admissions Committee conducts a thorough study of the information provided, determines the placement availability and suitability of each applicant, and notifies you whether or not to continue with the next step in the admissions process.

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The Interview

Both the Parent or Guardian and the Applicant will be notified to meet with appropriate committee members to discuss long-term goals and family plans.



If the candidate is accepted, another conference will be held at which time the enrollment and intake procedures are discussed.

Resident & Work Program Tuitions

Listed below are the fees associated with Residential and Day Program Citizens. Brookwood strives to provide financial assistance to those in need and to those who qualify.

Adult Work Program

  • $500 Registration (One time fee)
  • $1,000 Evaluation and Intake (One time fee)
  • $1,130 Monthly Tuition*
  • $145 Monthly Bus Fee

Full Residential Program

  • $1,000 Registration (One time fee)
  • $2,000 Evaluation and Intake (One time fee)
  • $4,670 Monthly Tuition*

*Extra care fees may apply – this will be determined at the intake meeting. Tuition assistance may be available. A financial advisor will perform an analysis based upon complete disclosure of your financial situation and form a recommendation per our Scholarship Committee.