Providing Spiritual, Educational & Vocational Opportunities for Adults with Special Needs

Capital Campaign Overview

The Brookwood and Beyond Capital Campaign represents a significant new initiative and a bold commitment to make an impact on a broader world, by reaching beyond Brookshire to improve the lives and enhance the futures of hundreds of thousands of individuals with neurological, cognitive and motor impairments, as well as the lives of their families and communities.

All campaign components support a common vision to enrich the lives of individuals with special needs and their care-giving communities including:

I. Construction of a New Center for Enterprise and Education

Expansion of our Citizens' enterprises, as well as opportunities for outreach and training, will be accomplished through a new 41,000 sq.ft. neuro-considerate designed building, more than doubling our current workshop and warehouse facilities, and creating a conference and meeting area.

II. Expansion of Residential Settings for Citizens and Staff

“The Brookwood Way” approach to living in community integrates staff into all aspects of community life by making provision for them to live in close proximity to the Citizens. Two new homes will accommodate 24 Citizens and up to 14 staff, increasing our residential population by 25%, and will offer temporary respite care opportunities for day work program Citizens and intern housing for experiential educational opportunities.



III. Repurposing the Existing Handcrafts Building to a Citizen Activities Center

The Handcrafts building that currently houses Citizen enterprises will be renovated as a Citizen Activities Center for recreational, performing arts, fitness and social activities.

IV. Expansion of Off-campus Retail and Work Programs

Expansion to the north and the south of metropolitan Houston will provide new Citizen work opportunities and generate additional revenue streams. These venues will provide learning and earning opportunities for up to 50 Citizens and students with special needs from area high schools. As part of our commitment to share an exportable model, these venues will be a template for others in our field to replicate in their communities.

V. Center for Learning and Enterprise Programs Start-up Funding

Campaign funding will provide resources to fully accommodate and outfit the new Center for Enterprise and Education, plus provide funds for personnel, marketing and program materials for Brookwood’s outreach program, the Center for Learning. Brookwood has hosted nearly 200 peer organizations seeking to research and/or replicate our residential and vocational enterprise model. The impact of these exchanges has a ripple effect, impacting thousands more adults with special needs.

Center for Education

Center for Education and Enterprise

VI. Infrastructure Improvements

To accommodate the expansion of campus facilities, improvements to water, sewer, electrical and security systems are needed, as well as new residential and public zoning to create safer pedestrian and traffic flow.

VII. Endowment

Endowment funds provide long-term stability for Brookwood and will help cover increased operating expenses for the new facilities plus future maintenance and inevitable repairs. In addition, endowment funds provide scholarships for current Citizens and continuation of care expenses for life-long Citizens who outlive their sources of support.