Ceramics Glazer and Kiln Technician

The Brookwood Community is seeking a Production Assistant for its Crafts department. Essential responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

Must be able to work directly with Production Staff, Work Program Teachers, Citizens and fellow co-workers and/or volunteers. Be able to perform any tasks Citizens are not able to perform.

Be flexible, be responsible and contribute with the team; be willing to take on responsibilities and assist in shared workloads.

Must be able to work expeditiously and efficiently to maintain production goals.

Patch / clean greenware products with patching tools as needed. This requires carving skills and good artistic judgment.

Maintain care of tools which may be brushes, files, carving tools, electrical tools (spray guns, mixers, dremels, etc.), containers, office supplies, templates, stencils, and any other item used to produce products.

Utilize paints, stains, washes, glazes or special finishes on greenware products; design special finishes. Utilize templates, stencils, cookie cutters or other artistic tools. May utilize an extruder or molds to produce products.

Pour molds according to written needs of the shop; clean products and molds when needed.

Load and unload kilns, dremel stilt marks, glaze products. May require programming of kilns, knowledge of products; understand the firing process and glazing materials.