Production and Design Artist

The Brookwood Community is seeking a Production and Art Gallery Design Artist. Duties include, but are not limited to, five key areas of responsibility the Designer will be expected to participate in routinely.

Design – Each artist will be responsible for the proactive & requested development and completion of new, novel, original works of art for shop production and Art Gallery promotion.  This includes making prototypes, presenting these pieces to the review committee for production approval, incorporating requesting artistic and citizen centric modifications, completing all documentation, making molds as necessary, training appropriate personnel in the manufacturing process, monitoring production quality in a participatory, solution based manner, and long-term follow up on process issues and design improvements.  It is also expected that artists will seek out opportunities to learn new mediums, techniques and skills to benefit Brookwood and work together to support each other in the completion of works where applicable.

Special Events and Projects – This position requires periodic participation in numerous special events and projects throughout the year.  Events and projects may include but not be limited to staffing special events, setting up and shutting down new store locations, marketing displays, and other customer related events on and off campus.  It may also involve travel to and support of remote shop locations and the development of products and enterprises not typically considered artistic in nature.

Production – Each artist will proactively participate in reviewing monthly production goals and proactively completing critical production tasks not performed by the shop.  These tasks are varied and will change routinely but could include such things as rolling clay slabs, slip casting, green ware cleaning, loading & unloading kilns, pugging clay, painting/glazing, gluing, repairing, and completing production art pieces.  It could also include making embellishments or other design elements such as handles to support shop produced art.  Additionally, each artist will be responsible for daily kiln loading and unloading.

Shop Support – Each artist will proactively assist shop teachers at main campus and remote campuses as necessary.  Requested shop support is varied.  Examples of shop support could be in the form of emergency assistance in the classroom to solve production issues, transporting materials to/from remote shops, being an in-shop resource for teachers to complete shop goals, repairing/re-making molds, and proactively monitoring raw material inventory to ensure continued production.

Housekeeping & Equipment – Each artist will be skilled in basic kiln operation/repairs, ship casting and other key equipment repair.  Additionally, each artist will proactively be responsible for such things as kiln shelf repairs, cleaning slip-casting rooms, taking out trash, cleaning of personal and common work areas, putting away items used during the day before leaving and keeping all areas tidy and free of debris.

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