Hurricane Harvey Relief

First and foremost, thank you for thinking of Brookwood during this great time of need.

As our recovery begins, most Citizens are unaware that we lost a greenhouse, had a fire in the electrical box providing  power to the Store and Café, and that we suffered water damage in almost every building from windblown rain.

Nor do they know that in the case of a “named storm” insurance is only able to cover a portion of the damage on our Brookwood campus and that many of their beloved staff suffered tremendous losses in their personal homes.

A donation of any amount will help us continue to provide meaningful jobs and awaken a life of purpose for our  Citizens, by restoring their workplace and homes, and assisting our staff who care so deeply for the ones we serve.

No amount of water or destruction can hinder the Spirit that continues to Soar at Brookwood!

Thank you in advance for making BROOKWOOD STRONG……rain or shine, and as a famous journalist, Paul “HARVEY” (pun intended) would say……”Now, that’s the REST of the STORY”.

Mrs. Vivian Shudde, Chief Executive Officer

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