Book Release – Everybody’s Got a Seed to Sow: The Brookwood Story

For the first time in print, founder Yvonne Streit tells the Brookwood story from her point of view. It was a journey that began in 1957, when her one-year-old daughter, Vicki, became seriously disabled. Looking back over the past decades, Yvonne has come to understand that there was clearly a divine purpose in process—even though that purpose was far from clear in the beginning.

She embarks on giving everyone the opportunity to learn to work through experiential education in order to establish self-worth and purpose. Whatever your path in life may be— this book is for you. With a foreword by Barbara Bush, this book will captivate you from beginning to end. Brookwood is a shining light that reminds us that every one—no matter our capabilities—has an important seed to sow.

A life changing read for anyone who has friends or loved ones with developmental challenges

The proceeds from the sale of each copy of this book go to Brookwood, its citizens, and its outreach programs.