Assistant Director of Work Program

The Assistant Director of Work Program is primarily responsible for assisting in the leadership and management of the Work Program under the direction of the Director of Work Program.  Expectations are that this position will have on-going professional communication via phone, email and or face to face with families, donors, guests, volunteers, coworkers, and governing entities as well as elevated clerical duties. This position must have the ability to cover on-call duties in the director’s absence.  Other duties include payroll input, time study participation, tracking Community Member training, scheduling meetings, managing transportation issues and concerns, updating contact information, creating visuals through Boardmaker/Symbol Stix, submitting, and purchasing supplies, assisting in the new hire process, and supporting Community Members and Citizens in Work Program. The incumbent must actively engage in Citizen interventions when needed and complete administrative reporting requirements while adhering to Brookwood’s Policies and Procedures. This position requires a Bachelors’ degree in education, psychology, or a related field plus two or more years of managerial experience.

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