Providing Spiritual, Educational & Vocational Opportunities for Adults with Special Needs

Brookwoodian Stories


Valerie came to us with a terrible personality disorder. She lived all over the states and had been kicked out of every facility she entered.

One of our desires is to take all kinds of people so we decided to allow Valerie. We soon found this to be very difficult and had decided we would not allow her to stay.

She was extremely self-centered and cared nothing for others. One morning Mrs. Streit was giving a tour of the community and looked at the teacher to decide which citizen to invite to share todays shop activities. The teacher signaled Valerie.

Mrs. Streit thought the teacher had lost her mind. She was surprised when Valerie said, “Yes I would like to tell you what I’m doing, but please let Kendall tell what she is doing. Kendall screened 254 cards this morning and I think she deserves to tell.” Mrs. Streit almost fainted in joy. It was an incredible break through for Valerie to actually care about another person. She is still with us today and continues to improve.


When John came to Brookwood his mother asked if she could pick him up every third Friday to see his Aunt Louise. The visit had always been of high importantance in his life. We said “Sure,” but asked she wait a few weeks, so John could acclimate to the routine.

After a few weeks, John’s mom called to arrange the Aunt Louise visit. She said, “John, we are going to see Aunt Louise and she is so excited to see you!” He said, “Mom, I can’t leave. You don’t understand. I am now a member of [this community...]” John’s view of himself really changed in a short period of time. For once he felt like he really mattered. And he does.