Providing Spiritual, Educational & Vocational Opportunities for Adults with Special Needs

Stephen C. Beasley Center for Learning

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Development of Resources

Brookwood is currently developing and testing new training curriculum for our next generation of teachers and team members. It is our plan to make these resources available to share with other organizations over time. Brookwood is also seeking to augment its hands-on, working internship program, acquainting more students from around the world with the Brookwood model.

Center for Learning Conferences

Center for Learning Conferences at Brookwood offer individuals and organizations an opportunity to have an extensive, hands-on Brookwood experience. We strive to learn from others as we continually seek to grow and improve so that we may better serve the Citizens of Brookwood. Conferences include various activities and events such as comprehensive tours of Brookwood's main campus, our satellite location at Brookwood at Grand Parkway, and Brookwood in Georgetwon (BiG), our first official expansion program.

Guiding Idea Inception Through Implementation

Over the years Brookwood has had the opportunity to help guide and learn from several hundred regional, national and international peer groups. “To whom much is given, much is expected.” We continually seek ways to impact the world of special needs. Brookwood’s educational approach has generated great demand for mentoring and training opportunities.

Through the mentoring opportunities offered at Brookwood, Brookwood in Georgetown, Texas also known as BiG was birthed. BiG is Brookwood’s first official expansion program and is blessed by growing support from the vibrant community it serves in the greater Austin/Central Texas area.

Thank You Cinco Ranch Rotary Club!

Brookwood would like to thank the Cinco Ranch Rotary Club for their grant and support in underwriting the next steps in Brookwood’s training and outreach programs as well as the Center for Learning. The goal of these ventures is to share Brookwood’s philosophy, methods and best practices with others working in the broader field of disabilities and to provide venues for meaningful exchange with like-minded organizations and ministries. These training and outreach opportunities have a far-reaching impact, extending beyond Brookwood’s campus in Brookshire.