Shawn LaCoe Team

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Through the Grace of God, The Brookwood Community provides an educational environment that creates meaningful jobs, builds a sense of belonging and awakens real purpose for adults with disabilities.  We invite you to COME ABOARD for Brookwood’s 2017 Golf Benefit and help us reach the $1 million goal.


Hi!  I have been working in the Day Program at The Brookwood Community almost two years.  Being able to work, see the end of my work and the encouragement from everyone has made a huge difference in my life.  I started in the horticultural department and the cement department.  Now I’ve been transferred from the horticultural to the stone casting department.  FUN work!

From the start, it is a loving, safe and happy place where I can live up to my fullest potential.  Brookwood is a place where there is a lot of love for everyone, and we all take good care of each other.

Please give as much as you can to my team so my team can raise our goal of $10,000, so others can enjoy this wonderful place too.

Appreciate and God Bless you all!