Lodholz/Ricky Kitchell Team

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Through the Grace of God, The Brookwood Community provides an educational environment that creates meaningful jobs, builds a sense of belonging and awakens real purpose for adults with disabilities.  We invite you to COME ABOARD for Brookwood’s 2017 Golf Benefit and help us reach the $1 million goal.



Our Personal connection to The Brookwood Community runs deep.  My Dad, Paul Lodholz, was the architect who designed the Brookwood Chapel and store.  My Mom and my Dad were always huge supporters of Brookwood, and a longtime family friend’s son, Ricky Kitchell (the one with the green thumb and contagious smile, pictured above!), is a Brookwood Citizen. When we heard about the Golf Fundraiser, we thought it was a perfect way to get involved and continue my parents’ legacy of supporting Brookwood.  We really love what Brookwood does and the support and opportunities it provides for its Citizens.  Really, our story is as simple as that and we want to help however we can. A donation to our team goes to help support Brookwood and, especially our “Sea Captain” Ricky Kitchell.  Ninety-seven percent of your donation goes directly to the programs and services that support the 225 adults with disabilities that live and work at Brookwood.  Thank you for allowing Brookwood Citizens like Ricky to SET SAIL for a life filled with meaning and purpose!

David and Kirby Lodholz